obesity in children

Health is the general metabolic, physical, mental and spiritual fitness of a person. An individual would be termed as being healthy when all of this body and mental conditions are functioning approriately. However the condtion would change due to factors such as change of climate/ environment, poor dieting that leads to poor immune system to fight virus and bacteria also being overweight.

Obesity commonly referred as being overweight or having excessive body fat that is excessive body weight compared to the person’s height, muscles count, water,fat or also a combination of all these factors. Over the past years the number of children termed as obese has drastically doubled, the major causes of obesity being genes if one of the parents is obese then most likely one of the child will grow to being obese, slow metabolism this would make the food to be digested in slow motion thus allowing the food to be absorbed slowly and in large quantity , medications some of the medicines used just makes the person using them increase in body weight , physical inactive dealing with indoors games for example vedio games, frequency of eating when one is constantly eating in intervals, a diet high in carbohydrates, psychological factors such as stress. Some people undergoing stress generally eat as a way to relieve the stress.

The health effect of being obese includes heart diseases that is cardiovascular diseases, some form of cancer, stroke, being immobile, difficulties in breathing like asthma, sleep difficulties, diabetes and also obese is a major contributor to reduction to life expectancy.

To prevent obesity is the only way to keep away from the various health factors listed above. The major way to prevent obese is to encourage out door activity that will be a form of exercise. Parents have the major role including all the adults sorrounding the children to encourage the kids to be more involved with out door activities the simplist of all being running. Games that will destruct the kids like football, basketball, tennis, cricket, hockey, swimming and golf are some of the activities that would be of great help to exercise.

The next prevention of children from being overweight is dieting. The first and foremost is to keep off junk food and also processed foods. Maintaining a diet that is balanced in that it contains vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals would highly promote the general good health of the child. Parents should avoid some activities like smoking while the children are there to maintain the good health of their children.