Get With It: Withings Reveals New Activite Steel

It’s time get with Withings.

Withings health and fitness company has just revealed its newest technological creation. The Activite Steel has the high end, comfortable feel of the average Swiss-made luxury watch, and all the health and fitness technology of an Apple Fitness Band. The Activite Steel tracks the wearer’s activity levels 24/7, from running, to swimming, to the number of steps taken each day.

The watch also counts calories, offers sleep analysis, and comes with a silent vibrating alarm to help you start the days without the annoying bleep of an alarm clock. And because it’s powered by a standard watch battery, the Activite Steel can last for up to eight months without battery recharge or replacement.

A magical combination of fashion, fitness, and health, the Activite Steel is the ideal watch for “health conscious people who are not willing to compromise their style”. Available online as of today, this luxury watch might be just the thing for the style savvy health nuts on your Christmas list!